Privacy Policy

We respect and protect user privacy, as is the basic right of every user, who has the complete control of his/her personal information.

UC-Logic Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “UC-Logic Tech” or “we/us” ) respect and protect all users who have registered on the official website of UC-Logic Tech (https: // Therefore, this Privacy Policy is stipulated to manifest the unwavering commitment of UC-Logic Tech to protect the privacy of users. Given the characteristics of the Internet, the website will unavoidably create, directly or indirectly, interactive relation with users, for which the registered users of the website are reminded of our policy on acquiring, using and protecting their personal information. Please go through the following contents to have more details about the Privacy Policy.

Individual who directly or indirectly, uses the services and data of the Website of UC-Logic Tech is considered to have agreed with all stipulations on this Privacy Policy. Otherwise, please cease using any services provided on the website. UC-Logic Tech reserves the right to update and revise the content of this Privacy Policy or any other regulations on this website from time to time, and any amendment thereby occurs will be publicized on this website without any further notice sent separately to users. All policies will take effect as soon as they are publicized on the website. In case there are users who do not agree with the content updated, s/he is suggested to stop using any services provided on the website. Otherwise, all active users will be considered to have agreed with the regulations publicized by UC-Logic Tech.

Four Basic Rules of UC-Logic Tech on Privacy Protection.

Transparent: users will be informed before their personal information is used by UC-Logic Tech, so that the users can decide whether or not to have their personal information disclosed.

User-oriented: user information should be used for users’ benefits and optimization of user experience.

Secure: up-to-date security measures will be taken to protect the personal information of every user.

Legal: laws and regulations both home and abroad will be observed in rigorous manners, which will manifest itself via product designs and business procedures.

About Registration

Any user who decides to register on the website should be a natural person, legal person or organization that from the legal aspect, is entitled to relevant rights and behavioral capabilities, and can independently shoulder legal responsibilities. Users who complete the registration or use services provided on the website are considered to have confirmed their qualifications as is mentioned previously and be able to shoulder legal responsibilities independently. In case the user fails to meet the qualifications, s/he or his/her custodians should be held liable for any consequences thereof. In addition, items stipulated as below should also be observed.

1.User name and alias applied should comply with ethics of the Internet as well as laws and regulations of People’s Republic of China;
2.User name and alias shall not contain such controversial character(s) in the nature of menace, obscenity, obloquy, unlawfulness, infringement of others’ interests and etc.
3.Information of account and password should be carefully kept by the user after the registration is completed. Any user who suffers any loss from information leakage as a result of his/her carelessness shall be held liable exclusively for the loss.
4.User who uses stolen account of another user shall be solely responsible for any consequences thereof.

Rules of Usage

1.Every registered user is considered to have totally understood and agreed with that the website of UC-Logic Tech only provides users products and relevant services, and they should be held responsible for all actions conducted under the account registered by themselves, including whatever contents sent and consequences thereof.
2.Any contents shared by users on this website does not represent opinions or policies of UC-Logic Tech, which cannot be held liable for any consequences thereof.
3. Users will be held exclusively responsible for the authenticity, legitimacy and validity of all information s/he submitted for registration on this website. To steal the identity of another person, share whatever contents under the name of another person, and confuse other users for evil purposes are prohibited on this website. UC-Logic Tech reserves the right to terminate services and recall any registered account once actions conducted by any registered account are considered, by UC-Logic Tech, to be infringements of other users’ legal rights, and relevant users will be held exclusively responsible for any consequences thereof.
4. Users will be held exclusively responsible for the authenticity, legitimacy and validity of all content s/he shares on this website.
5. Users will be held liable exclusively for any communication, transaction or cooperation taking place between him/herself and a third party on this website as well as any disputes or losses thereby occur.
6. Users are prohibited to publicize contents as below on this website.
1) Contents that go against the basic rules stipulated on the Constitution.
2) Contents that threaten the security of the country, expose any confidential information of the country, undermine the sovereignty and unity of the country.
3) Contents that cause infringement of honors and benefits of the country.
4) Contents that instigate ethnic hatred and discrimination, and break national unity.
5) Contents that violate the religion policy of the country and promote cults, feudalism and superstition.
6) Contents that spread rumors, cause social disorders and break social stability.
7) Contents that spread obscenity, pornography, gamble, violence, murder, horror and instigation to commit a crime.
8) Contents that insult, slander other people and infringe their legal rights.
9) Contents that are prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

Artisul Store

1. Presentation and Search of Product Information
1)Besides IP address, browser, communication carrier, language, date of visit and etc, information of purchase behaviors conducted by users at Artisul Store, including contents browsed, items clicked through, key words searched, items collected, items added to cart, transaction, after-sales requests, information followed, shared and posted will also be collected automatically and archived as service log.
2) Personal information cannot be identified via such service log. However, identification can be realized when the service log is combined with other information. In this case, to use such non-personal information, the service log, with other information combined, for example, the personal information, will be regarded as using of personal information. Unless the Store is authorized by the user or it is stipulated otherwise by laws and regulations, user identity included in any information will be concealed by UC-Logic Tech.

2. To Place Orders
1) When users are ready to make a payment, a purchase order will thereby be generated automatically, where the user is requested to fill in at least the name, address and mobile phone number of the recipient, while the order number, items purchased, service terms, payment amount and payment method are all clarified on the order already.
2) Users can fill in more information, such as the telephone number and email of the recipient, to further ensure that the package is delivered without any mistake. However, purchase orders will be generated automatically as well even though the above mentioned items are left empty.

3. To Make A Payment
1) Once the purchase order is generated, users can make a payment via an Affiliated Party of UC-Logic Tech or a third party that has established partnership with UC-Logic Tech, like Paypal (hereinafter referred to as the payment agency). To collect the personal information of users is by nature not included in the payment procedure. However, information of order number and payment amount will be collected and shared to the payment agency, as is necessary for confirmation of payment request and settlement of the payment.
2) The Affiliated Party refers to a company or organization as well as its legal person that no matter at present or in the future, is managed by UC-Logic Tech, under the same management with UC-Logic Tech or even manages UC-Logic Tech. The word manage here refers to the capability to influence the management of the mentioned company both directly and indirectly by means of the company ownership, shares that entitle you the voting rights, contracts or other methods approved by People’s Court.

4. Order Delivery

When users are done with the purchase and payment online, the affiliated party of UC-Logic Tech, or a third party delivery company that has established partnership with UC-Logic Tech will manage the delivery for users. Either party mentioned above will acquire the order information in the aforesaid procedures to ensure a sound delivery of orders.

5. Contact and After-sales

To further ensure the account security, information of user accounts and orders is requested when users contact us (via email or SNS, etc.) for whatever reasons including after-sales issues, since such information is helpful to verify the user identity. When it comes to after-sales services, we need to acquire the corresponding order information. Other information, such as delivery address, contact person and phone number are requested in case there are users who require to revise the corresponding contents.

Privacy Policy
Ⅰ. Acquisition and Using of User Information
Ⅱ. Disclosing and Sharing of User Information
Ⅲ. Protection of User Information
Ⅳ. Protection of Minors’ Information
Ⅴ. Disclaimer
Ⅵ. Update and Feedback on the Privacy Policy
Ⅶ. Ownership of Contents

Ⅰ. Acquisition and Using of User Information

1. Acquisition of Information
User may be required to provide his/her personal information in terms of using our products and services, which is not a necessity yet under some circumstances if s/he refuses to provide the information, we cannot proceed with our services and solve the problem that users are confronted with.

How we acquire user information?
1) Information used by users to register either an individual account or an enterprise account; information provided to the affiliated company by users when they are using the website of UC-Logic Tech.
2) Your information is acquired automatically when you are using our services.
3) Information shared by a third party.

2. Using of User Information
User information will be used for the following purposes.
1) To provide user better services and meet user’s request to be individualized.
2) To improve the quality of our services. Regarding suggestions on our website and services, reply will be made timely with necessary solutions included.
3) To ensure the security of the system, including prevention of bugs on the network, computer virus, network invasion and cyber attacks, etc.
4) For business analysis and marketing investigation if there are any requests.

Ⅱ. Disclosing and Sharing of User Information

1. Entrusting the Processing of User Information
There will be circumstances where UC-Logic Tech entrusts the processing of users’ information to a third party, which provides UC-Logic Tech technical supports, and on behalf of UC-Logic Tech, manages and will only manage the incoming phone calls, emails and any other services provided and entrusted by UC-Logic Tech.
Rigorous confidentiality agreement will be signed between UC-Logic Tech and the party entrusted, which is demanded to adopt the confidentiality and security measures as stipulated on this Privacy Policy to manage users’ information.

2. Sharing of User Information Sharing of User Information refers to behaviors that UC-Logic Tech provides users’ information to a third party, and both parties are entitled to manage the user information independently. However, UC-Logic Tech will not share the user information except for the following situations.
1) User information shared upon approval of the relevant user. UC-Logic Tech will share the information approved to the assigned third party;
2) User information shared for legal purposes. UC-Logic Tech may share user information as requested by laws and regulations, administrative and justice organizations, or for the purpose to settle lawsuits and disputes if there is any.
3) User information shared to the affiliated companies of UC-Logic Tech. User information may be shared to the affiliated companies of UC-Logic Tech, which will be conducted only for specified, clear and legal purposes, and what is shared should be necessary and service related. For example, in order to prevent the occurrence of double registration on the website of UC-Logic Tech, a global verification of uniqueness is required for the account pending registration.
4) User information shared to business partners. To conduct and complete the services users request, UC-Logic Tech may share information of the relevant user, including order information, account information, device information and location information, etc. to a partner or any other third parties.

3. Handover of User Information
Handover of User Information refers to behaviors that UC-Logic Tech hands over the right of managing user information to another entity. However, UC-Logic Tech will not hand over users’ information except for the following situations.
1) User information handed over upon approval. User information will be handed over to another entity upon user’s approval.
2) User information handed over in case of merger, acquisition and bankruptcy. In case any one of the aforesaid situations occurs and handover of user information is requested, this privacy policy will remain valid as demanded by UC-Logic Tech. Otherwise, the company related will be requested to regain the authorization from users.

4. Disclosing of User Information
UC-Logic Tech will not disclose users’ information except for the following situations.
1) User information disclosed upon approval. User information will be disclosed only upon your approval.
2) User information disclosed for legal purposes. User information may be disclosed in case it is requested for legal procedures, lawsuits or by relevant government departments.

5. Exceptions of Disclosing and Sharing User information
User information will be shared, handed over or disclosed without the necessity of user approval under circumstances as below.
1) Circumstances that threaten the security of the country and state defence.
2) Circumstances that threaten public security, public health and critical public benefits.
3) Circumstances that involve criminal investigation, lawsuits, judgement and execution of sentences.
4) Circumstances where UC-Logic Tech cannot be authorized by the user in person, and the life, property or any other critical legal rights of the user or any other people are threatened.
5) Circumstances that information disclosed by UC-Logic Tech has been disclosed to the public by user him/herself.
6) Circumstances that information disclosed by UC-Logic Tech is acquired from newspaper, government document and reports or any other legal public channels.
According to laws, to share and hand over personal information, of which the identity information is concealed and cannot be recovered or decoded by the recipient, cannot be regarded as sharing, handover or disclosing personal information, and therefore, to inform the user as well as elicit his/her approval is not a necessity to store or use such information.

Ⅲ. Protection of User Information
UC-Logic Tech attaches great importance to personal information security, which is protected with standard measures adopted in the industry. To prevent unauthorized visiting, disclosing, using, revising and even loss of user information, UC-Logic Tech adopts measures as below.
1. Feasible and reasonable measures are taken to minimize the request for personal information and prevent acquisition of information that is irrelevant to our services. All personal information acquired will be used for purposes and stored within the time thereof stated on this policy, unless there is request for time extension or it is demanded by laws.
2. The confidentiality of data handed over and stored will be ensured by the technology of encryption. Besides, reliable protection mechanism will be applied to prevent data and server where the data are stored, from malicious attacks.
3. Mechanism which controls visit requests is applied to ensure that personal information will be accessible for authorized person only. The number of authorized person will be adjusted according to the business volume, and access of each authorized person varies from hierarchy to hierarchy. Logs will be generated automatically to record each time the personal information is visited, which will be regularly audited by the administrator.
4. All business partners and service suppliers of UC-Logic Tech are screened and chosen in rigorous manners, with protection rules of personal information to be stipulated on contracts and strictly executed in procedures including audition, evaluation and etc.
5. The awareness of UC-Logic Tech staff to protect personal information will be enhanced via courses, tests and activities under the theme of privacy security that are organized by the company.
In conclusion, user information will be protected by UC-Logic Tech with cautious manners. However, there is no absolute security in terms of the Internet, and we do not guarantee the absolute security of user information. In case the leakage of personal information take place, the emergency solution will be implemented to minimize the influence.

Ⅳ. Protection of Minors’ Information
We attach great importance to protection of minors’ personal information. As is stipulated on the laws, users who are under 18 years old are considered to be minors, so approval of their parents or other custodians are requested if they want to use services provided by UC-Logic Tech.
In terms of minors’ personal information acquired upon the approval of minors’ parents or other legal custodians, UC-Logic Tech will only use and disclose such personal information under legal circumstances and circumstances where such information can serve as protection for the minor concerned.
UC-Logic Tech assumes that all registered users have comprehensive capacity for civil conducts in terms of E-commerce activities. For minor users, before any purchase behaviors are conducted on this website, s/he is requested to elicit approval from his/her parents or other custodians, while his/her parents or other custodians are requested to read and understand this Privacy Policy. Otherwise, the mentioned user and his/her parents or custodians should be held liable exclusively for any consequences thereof.

Ⅴ. Disclaimer
In the following situations, UC-Logic Tech should not be held liable for disclosing users’ information.
1. Situations in which the user him/herself discloses his/her personal information. For example, the user discloses his/her password or shares his/her registered account with another person;
2. Situations in which users’ personal information is demanded by laws or other relevant government departments;
3. Situations in which the using of personal information by a third party complies with stipulations on this Privacy Policy, yet dispute still takes place between the user and the aforesaid third party;
4. Situations in which the website of UC-Logic Tech is attacked by hackers, invaded by virus or requested by the government for a temporary close;
5. Situations in which the user claims that his/her civil rights is infringed on this website, yet s/he fails to inform UC-Logic Tech in time and have the team of UC-Logic Tech delete or block the relevant contents when it is necessary. In this case, the user should be held liable for any consequences that occurs from his/her failure to inform UC-Logic Tech in time;
6. Force majeure situations;
7. Situations that are stipulated on the service terms and Disclaimer of this Privacy Policy.

Ⅵ. Update and Feedback of the Privacy Policy
Users can log on to visit the account information, and revise, conceal as well as delete data of his/her account. Besides, users are entitled to acquire their account data, have the team of UC-Logic Tech correct, update or delete information of their account at any time. Such requests can be sent to the team of UC-Logic Tech via email In case the user’s personal information is provided by his/her employer, s/he is suggested to claim the request against his/her employer. There is no need to pay any fees in terms of visiting user’s own personal information. However, UC-Logic Tech reserves the right to charge a reasonable service fee or even reject the request if such requests is raised without any reason and far too often.
As the service range of UC-Logic Tech is expanding, this Privacy Policy may be updated and publicized on this website from time to time. Users are suggested to visit this page on a regular basis to stay informed.

Ⅶ. Ownership of Contents
1. Services provided on this website may contain contents like characters and icons, software, audio information, videos and graphs, etc. which are all protected by Copyright Law, Trademark Law and any other laws protecting property rights.
2. Users are not allowed to use contents on this website without authorization. For example, to copy contents or regenerate any related contents on this website;
3.UC-Logic Tech reserves the final explanation rights on this Privacy Policy.